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Wall Mounted Phone Holder

Wall Mounted Phone Holder

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Has your child ever held your mobile and mistakenly dropped it on the floor?

Oh, it'll damage your phone, and you can't proceed with your work until it's fixed.

No worries! Leash your hands at this Wall Mounted Phone Holder and keep your mobile protected.

This wall-mounted phone holder secures your phone in a high area where your children won't be able to reach it, ensuring its safety.

What you'll get:

  • Protect your mobile: This phone holder is wall mounted to keep your phone at arm's length and away from prying eyes. So, keep your phone protected while you're away.
  • Ergonomic design: The holding plate of this keeper is divided into two parts to leave a place for the charger to be linked to the phone. So, freely charge your mobile while ensuring its protection.
  • Two practical hooks: Each side of this holder is equipped with one hook. These hooks help you hang rubber bands or elastic loops to avoid their misplacing and easily reach them.
  • Multiple-use: This wall-mounted phone holder is also ideal for placing Air conditioner or LED TV remote, hanging keys, etc.
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