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Universal 360 Car Rearview Mirror Mount Stand Holder

Universal 360 Car Rearview Mirror Mount Stand Holder

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Driving with your phone in hand is not only dangerous for you but for others on the road as well. You should always have a phone holder in the car that lets you drive without diverting your attention from the road and is accessible.

So get this universal 360 car rearview mirror mount stand holder and place your phone in it to use it at any angle you want.

It is extensively adjustable because of the multiple rotating handles on it.

What you’ll get:

  • Phone protection: This phone holder has silicone pads that don’t harm the phone screen and also have a firm grip that prevents the device from falling on bumpy roads.
  • Adjustable angles: The angle of this holder can be adjusted to 360° to meet your requirements and make it convenient for you to use the phone for navigation and other purposes. It also supports horizontal or vertical placement of cell phones.
  • Wide compatibility: The phone gripper can be adjusted between 50 to 100 mm approximately in width and can be used as a phone stand for multiple phones that fit these sizes.
  • Multi-use: The claw grip of this universal 360 car rearview mirror mount stand holder is adjustable between 3 to 21 mm approximately, making it suitable to install in places with varying widths. It can be installed on the rearview car mirror, car seat headrest, kitchen counters, tables, etc.
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