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Safe Sound Personal Alarm

Safe Sound Personal Alarm

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What will you do if you go outside alone and a lecher man chases you?

You'll surely get frightened and find it even hard to scream or call someone for help.

Will you let yourself become the prey of that drunk man?

NOT at all!

Here is this Safe Sound Personal Alarm to be your voice and protect you in such unfortunate moment.

Pull the pin of this alarm whenever you see someone who looks suspicious. It will start making a loud alarm, which will alert people nearby and keep this person away from you for sure.

What you'll get:

  • High pitch sound: This alarm is equipped with 130db sound mechanism. Its loud sound can be easily listened to 50 feet away to draw the attention of others to protect you in an emergency.
  • Keychain design: This safety alarm has a keychain built into it. It's easy to attach to your purse, backpack, suitcase, keys, or pet's leash, and you can use it whenever you need it.
  • Wide applications: This personal alarm with a safe sound is great safety gadget fo children, women, and elders to protect them from strange people.
  • Package includes: 1* Personal Alarm (batteries are included)
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