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Rear View Mirror Phone Mount

Rear View Mirror Phone Mount

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There’s that uncontrollable longing to check your phone while you’re driving – that’s how accustomed we have become to using these devices.

But it’s dangerous and has to be avoided. But how?

You can’t have an electric shock app on your phone.

You can’t always have your driving partner nudge you when using the phone.


You can employ our 360 rear view mirror phone mount! It won’t forcefully put a stopper on your longing to check the phone but allows you to do it safely. Always keep your eyes on the road with this universal car mount.

Play videos on it for your kids sitting in the backseat or turn on GPS tracking when you are going to a new location. It holds onto the phone securely and gives you the freedom to move it in any way you want.

 What you’ll get:

  • All-around movement of the phone: This car mount allows you to rotate the phone 360o and swing it up and down 180°. Whether you want to use it for GPS tracking or toggling YouTube videos, it gives you full control over it.
  • A breeze to attach: Installs in under a minute and holds your rear view mirror securely thanks to the two grippers. Fit them according to the size of your rear view mirror and tighten the knobs.
  • Holds almost all phones: The extendable phone holding tray can house your android and iPhone devices in size range 3-5.5 inches. It holds on to the phone tightly and thus, there’s no risk of the phone falling on bumps and speed breakers.
  • Protects the back of the phones: There’s another big advantage of this rear view mirror phone mount. It has a foamed plastic housing on the part that comes in contact with the phone so rest assured, there will be no scuffs on the backside of your expensive cellphones.
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