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Car Phone Holder Rear View Mirror

Car Phone Holder Rear View Mirror

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Can’t keep your hands away from using your cell phone while driving?

Whether it is for entertainment, communication, or navigation, holding a mobile in your hand while driving is dangerous for you and pedestrians on the road.

Avoid such dangers by using this car phone holder rear view mirror. It doesn’t divert your attention from the road and enables you to use your phone without blocking your view.

Hang your phone on it to use maps or entertain your kids sitting in the back with their favorite poems.

What you’ll get:

  • Wide-angle movement: This phone mount lets you rotate the phone screen at 360° and swing it 180° upwards and downwards to suit your viewing angle.  
  • Convenient attachment: It merely takes a minute to install. Cover the rearview mirror with the two grippers of the holder and tighten them to prevent it from falling.
  • Phone safety: This car phone holder rear view mirror doesn’t damage your phone in any way. It causes no scratching on the screen or back of your phone. There is no risk of your phone falling because of bumps on the road.
  • Wide compatibility: This phone holder can hold phones within a range of 3-5.5 inches, including all variants from android to iPhone.
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